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7 Areas that are Prone to Mold Damage After Flooding

After a flooding incident, some people may still overlook areas of their residence or business that are prone to mold damage. Let ServiceMaster of the Upstate help you with this informative article.
Whenever floodwaters have receded and clean-up has been done, one of the most common mistakes committed by homeowners is overlooking areas where molds and mildew may grow.  
Most homeowners might have thought they have thoroughly cleaned all possible areas. However, molds have hidden colonies and tend to spread out of control. By the time you discover them, it may already be too late and a huge and costly removal project may be required.

To help you know where these molds might hide and spot them beforehand, here are seven areas prone to mold that you can check or let a professional inspect.

Prone Area No. 1: Underneath Walls

House walls are not waterproof. Walls may look strong and durable, but they are vulnerable to water and humidity. Drywall and wood walls are the favorite thriving places of mold and mildew. Wood is a prime food source for mold growth and mildew damage.

Prone Area No. 2: Beneath Cabinets

Cabinets are typically built from wood, and as stated previously, wood is a food source for mold. Check all your cabinets in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and even the parking area which could possibly be affected by flooding and moisture. 

Remember, a small amount of sustained moisture can start the growth of mold, such as a small leaking pipe, dripping from a loose drain, or a worn-out water line.

Prone Area No. 3: Inside Air Vents

Air vents are the most frequently overlooked areas in a house. As known, air vents connect every part of the house, whether through walls, underneath floors, or above the ceiling. Humidity and moisture can build up in these vents and these vents could be a source of mold growth.

Prone Area No. 4: Beneath Floors

Almost any type of flooring is susceptible and prone to mold infestation. If you do happen to have laminate or wood flooring, your job is not going to be easy. You may need to dry out the material completely.
If you are fortunate and able to open up a portion of your flooring to let airflow circulate all over it, chances of solving the problem are slim because mold will grow and colonize the whole area again. 

When mold has colonized your flooring, you may need to replace it completely, and the cost for floor replacement is a big budget headache.

Prone Area No. 5: Inside Attics

The attic is the space between the ceiling of the top floor of a building and the slanted roof. Though you might think that your attic is safe and it is far from flood since it is the topmost part of your house, think again. 

Double check if there is a roof leak or if a portion of your roof has blind spots. Once water has seeped through the roof, there is a big chance that mold will grow and thrive.     
Prone Area No. 6: Window Frames

Even though flooding may not reach your windows, mold can develop in and around window frames. It happens when the windows leak rain in from the outside. 

Check if mold has developed around the window in your basement, kitchen, or living room, and find out how water is getting into the window frame. However, if you do notice some mold growth on your windows, it may be due to a lack of ventilation.

Prone Area No. 7: Upholstery and Other Fabrics

After any flooding incident, one of the items you must prioritize checking is your furniture. This happens if upholstered parts of the furniture, such as sofa cushions, have not been dried thoroughly or have been stored in plastic while they’re damp.

You can get rid of mold as a DIY project; however, it is complicated and dangerous and you could possibly damage your furniture. It is recommended to call in the professionals who have the skills and tools to remove the growth of mold and mildew on your furniture.  

Mold Remediation Process

If you plan to remediate mold, it's always best to hire a professional mold removal and remediation service. Experts performing Mold Damage Repair in Newberry focus on identifying the cause of the problem and providing recommendations to find a long-term solution.
The team at ServiceMaster of the Upstate offers professional services which are backed by years of experience to ensure that you get the best possible results. We offer a detailed quote for mold remediation.
You can let the experts of Water Removal in Newberry inspect and assess your property after a flood or another water damage incident. If mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation.
ServiceMaster of the Upstate is one of South Carolina’s leading restoration companies. They have experienced and respected experts in mold removal. Unlike other non-specialist mold removal companies that are often not trained or certified, all of our expert technicians are highly trained in the safest and most effective practices of Mold Damage Restoration in Newberry.
They also offer other services, including:
Contact us at (864) 310-7891 or through our website at, before the mold spreads and increases your repair bill and your exposure to health risks.
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