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Five Reasons Why DOTA 2 Remains as the Top MOBA
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Five Reasons Why DOTA 2 Remains as the Top MOBA
MOBA games are known for how technical they can be but DOTA 2 remains one of the best at balancing this while keeping everything fresh.

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre began with a widely known custom map for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos called Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Ever since it became competitive thanks to Steve ‘Guinsoo’ Feak, many more MOBAs have been developed to become its spiritual successor. Its biggest rival is Guinsoo’s other project, League of Legends. 

DotA’s development was later succeeded by IceFrog who was later scouted by Valve to make an official successor, Dota 2. Despite being late to the party with hundreds of MOBAs developed worldwide, Dota 2 quickly became and has remained the best in the genre. Here are five reasons why it is considered the top MOBA in history.

New hero designs are consistent with the game’s mechanics

Adding new mechanics is always tricky when it comes to competitive games. Odds in esports Bitcasino markets have to be reconsidered because of the uncertainty with how the players can adjust. Games like League of Legends, for example, are insulted by their community because of new playable characters being problematic for months. None of Dota 2’s heroes is ever described as ‘broken’ or ‘unfair’ as many can get used to them in about three weeks. 

Creative but consistent design in both mechanics and aesthetics

Speaking of new playable characters, games like League of Legends are notorious for their stark difference between new and old champions. It is hard to believe that Yone and Yasuo share the same world as Annie. Meanwhile, it is easy to believe how an old Dota 2 hero like Dragon Knight can share the same universe with newer heroes like Dawnbreaker and Marci. Both games still apply visual updates to their older heroes for better consistency.

Plenty of ways to gain a tactical advantage

If asked why Dota 2 is better than other games, most will point out how it’s the most complex MOBA. Everything in the map can be reshaped such as lane creeps’ path, presence of trees for coverage, and ways to traverse the terrain. Mastering the map opens new avenues for regrouping, escaping, or setting an ambush.

Hidden mechanics in items and abilities players can exploit

Dota 2 tournaments are the best source for ways to find hidden mechanics because only the best players know how to exploit them. Of course, many of them are bugs that will be patched later but most are just smart ways to use existing game elements. Apply them to your pub matches just for the sake of having fun. 

You just keep getting better with age

Most fighting games reward technical knowledge so newcomers can compete with veterans. However, Dota 2 is a game that continues to develop its players’ competitive mindset to the point that countering someone else’s strategy becomes second nature. 

That’s how veteran players still have the upper hand against newcomers with technical skills. You may also notice that teams filled with more experienced players are often the favourites in a matchup against a roster full of first-timers in the esports Bitcasino bookmaker.

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